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The Book

8 Minutes a Day to Make an A!

8 Minutes a Day to Make an A! shows parents and their child how to compensate for Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Through the book, author Pamela L. Johnson emphasizes how a child can achieve A’s and B’s in school and be able to consistently follow routines at home and have a much better self-esteem.

StudyQuick™ System is an organizational and study system which the author developed for her ADD/ADHD students who were enrolled in her franchised learning centers in Tennessee. Her centers were set up to help children who were not doing well in school by addressing skill gaps discovered after testing. Using this system, your child can go from D's and F's to A's and B's within 4-6 weeks and stay there! Your child will also remember to do routines and chores without having to be reminded.

The quick and easy techniques in this book, if used consistently, will make a huge difference in organization, grades, chores and self-worth of their child. These techniques were used over a 10-year period in Johnson’s learning centers with a 90% success rate!